Things You Didn’t Know About Game Consoles


The history of video game consoles is a long and even mysterious path. Companies form and disappear overnight, once great consoles crash in the space of a month and gaming consoles that weren’t to be litter the Internet archives.


Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the most popular gaming consoles which might just surprise you.


2 Things You Didn’t Know About PlayStation

PlayStation was originally designed in partnership with Nintendo. Sony and Nintendo had originally planned to create a new console by adding CD functionality to the then incredibly popular Super Nintendo. The deal, clearly, fell through and the two have been rivals ever since.


The first PlayStation was the first ever video game console to sell over a 100, 000 000 units – more than the Nintendo 64, Xbox and GameCube combined. An incredible feat when you consider than Sony and Nintendo were partners, and the PlayStation came close to never happening.


2 Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

Nintendo once planned one creating a mobile phone. They intended to combine the generic mobile phone with something akin to a GameCube, which would be something very similar to every smartphone on the market currently.


The Nintendo DS has sold more units than iPhone or Game Boy. To date, its various renditions have sold over 125 million units and continue to be incredibly popular amongst the old and the young alike.


2 Things You Didn’t Know About Xbox

Halo almost became Mac exclusive. Known around the world as the Xbox game, Halo was originally developed by Bungie for the Mac, only to have the developer acquired by Microsoft in 2000 to develop the game solely for Xbox.


In a desperate attempt to bring the console war to an end and destroy their fierce rival, Sony, Microsoft almost bought the major gaming companies Sega and Nintendo. But Microsoft soon realised that the plan was doomed from the beginning and instead pursued other methods to try and entice the world’s gamers.


The video games console industry is an exciting, if not often cutthroat industry. With so many millions of pounds invested into it each year all to try and capture the attention of a worldwide gaming audience, we can safely say that they will continue to amuse us with their antics, marketing and industry fights for some time to come.