Popular game consoles in UK


Game consoles have always been incredibly popular in the UK, but the recent release of the next-generation consoles seems to have thrown things a bit awry in the world of gaming consoles.


The Most Popular Consoles

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 – Due in no small part to its exceptional new controllers, the DualShocks, is currently the most popular and best reviewed console in the UK. Having beaten the Xbox One in the race for the best next-gen console, Sony still has a lot of work to do as the availability of titles currently is not too great.



  1. Xbox One – Having lost the race for the most popular next-gen console does not mean the Xbox One is out for the count. Many of the implementation and performance issues currently experienced are said to be software based, which means a future update could turn this console into the gaming console in the UK.


  1. Nintendo Wii U – Most commonly compared to the old PlayStation Portable, the new Wii U has made serious waves in portable console gaming. With a large selection of great games available, many of them from Nintendo themselves, this small console has quickly made a name for it in the portability-enthusiastic UK.


  1. Sony PlayStation 3 – Regardless of the fact that with the release of the PlayStation 4, this old console is technically outdated, the absolutely enormous array of titles available on it means that it still has a lot of life left it in. Its continued popularity is also bolstered by the PlayStation 4’s high purchase price.


What Makes a Console Popular

The popularity of gaming consoles seems to depend on a number of factors, namely:


Price – An obvious one really. But it’s not the cheapest consoles that are the most popular, but rather their value for money. If a console is worth the money, and it’s reasonably priced, it will definitely attract interest.


Titles – Especially with the latest generation of consoles from Xbox and PlayStation, the availability of superb gaming titles is a significant factor considered when gamers choose their consoles.


Quality – Gamers are obsessed with the quality of their gaming experience. This overall quality is made up of video rendering, controller comfort, game smoothness and so forth. Because consoles are ultimately 2 years behind PC gaming rigs, it is even more important for consoles to try and improve their overall quality.