Nvidia’s Shield console

Nvidia’s Shield console, what you need to know


The Nvidia Shield Console is an aerodynamically designed futuristic gaming console, which comes with the Nvidia grid streaming interface. There are plenty of game titles available to choose from to keep you entertained for hours on end. The Nvidia Shield console caters to your gaming and multimedia needs in one tiny lightweight console. It is the first 4K android TV console of its kind and has cornered the market in this regard.


The Nvidia CPU boasts a specially designed, high performance processer called the Tegra X1, which is also called the systemonic ship. It has 8 processing cores, 256 graphics cores, 3 gigs of RAM and runs on the android TV 5.1 Lollipop operating system. The pro version comes customary with 500G of memory, while the standard shield console comes with only 16G of internal memory capacity. However, the memory is expandable using the micro SD card interface.


NVIDAShieldThe Nvidia Shield console is equipped with the latest generation of WIFI connectivity, namely the 802.11ac 2X2 MIMO Dual band card. Bluetooth 4.1 is also part and parcel of this remarkable device, which is great for connecting headsets wirelessly. It outputs 4K graphics at 60 frames per second and renders 3D games as well, and coupled with superfast navigation, this puts this console ahead of its time.


The console stays cool and quiet even when being used for extended periods of time. The extremely thin revolutionary design makes it extremely easy for it to be accommodated anywhere. The back of the shield is outfitted with numerous connectivity options to house most attachments such as standard and micro SD cards, USB, Ethernet and HDMI2.0. This is one of the few gaming consoles that can boast the HDMI2.0 interface.


This console comes with a standard controller and is equipped with a DVR function, which is useful for saving information. It is also designed for live streaming and engaging social media sites. It utilises ultrahigh definition displays which have 10 times the resolution of the standard 1080p display.


There are about four major sources of games, these are the Nvidia video optimised shield, Android and Play Store, Nvidia grid and game streaming from your PC to your television through your console.


This console is a giant when it comes to gaming consoles but the best experience depends on the availability of a fast Internet connection. It is worth mentioning that a real gaming enthusiast will relish the idea that all PC games can be streamed to your television through the Nvidia high-tech gaming console. The picture quality when using this feature is comparable to actually playing games on your PC; there is no loss of detail or resolution quality.


The Nvidia Shield console comes with a WIFI game controller and you can also purchase the remote controller to accompany it. The controller is equipped with two analogy sticks, a voice search option, built in battery, a digital pad, and all the prerequisite navigation buttons for a seamless experience.


There is nothing comparable to the Nvidia Shield Console on the market… Nothing.