Hyperkin RetroN 5

The Hyperkin RetroN 5 is a great retro gaming console that allows you to play games with HD quality through HDMI. It also has a Power Base Convertor that will allow you to play games intended for the Sega Master System. But apart from that, you can play games for Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Famicom, Sega Genesis (Megadrive), and Super Nintendo (Super Famicom).


When you purchase the RetroN 5 console, it will include the console, Wireless controller, power cord, controller charge cord, and HDMI cord. It is important to use only the provided cord and not substitute it for something else.


About the Hyperkin RetroN 5


So what makes the Hyperkin RetroN 5 special? This one costs $159.99 and it is worth every penny.
First of all, this console encompasses its predecessor in a lot of ways. It allows you to play games from nine systems in HD quality. But beyond that, here are the different reasons why this gaming console is amazing.




When it comes to the design, this gaming console comes in a plastic box measuring 2 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches. It weighs 2 pounds and is available in black or gray. In both colour variations, it has purple highlights. In front of the console is the power button and lights lined up in a row that indicates what slot is filled with a cartridge. The cartridge can be mounted on the slot on top of the console. The slots can accommodate cartridges from all the gaming systems that can be played on it. The console has an indentation that holds the controller when it is not in use. This Bluetooth controller needs improvement but it works well enough. Even if you have the old controllers of the NES, Genesis, and SNES, the left and right sides of the console have ports for these as well. The back part holds the mini USB port, power connector, SD card slot, and HDMI output.




When the Hyperkin RetroN 5 boots up, it shows that it has its own user interface and even an HDMI video output – like an actual computer with a system based on Linux. This allows it to demonstrate a lot of complex tricks – compare to other gaming consoles. It also runs several open-source emulators with source codes from VBA-M, FCEU-Next, Genesis Plus GX, and SNES9x-Next. All of these will allow you to download a game in the console’s hardware and tweak the settings according to your gaming preferences. You can adjust the video scaling, smooth out filter, etc.


Emulation possibilities


With all the features copied by Hyperkin RetroN 5 from original systems, it is able to function similarly to an advanced emulation device. For instance, it automatically takes all the ROM information coming from an inserted cartridge into the system – but only temporarily. Whatever information is taken will be emulated, meaning you can bump the cartridge and it will not disrupt the game. The cartridge still needs to stay in the slot but jostling it will not stop the game. This feature also allows the gaming console to freeze games and allow players to resume exactly where they left off. This is great for games with no saving feature.


Overall performance

Basically, games played through the Hyperkin RetroN 5 look visually amazing. The games are displayed with crisp, colourful, and bright images. You can play Killer Instinct, Little Nemo, Dragon Spirit, Sonic the Hedgehog, Strider, Super Street Fighter 2, Super Mario All-Stars, and even the NBA Jam Tournament. Since the interface allows you to adjust the filters and scan lines, the graphics can be made even sharper than before. Without a doubt, this is the best of its kind. The emulator-specific features definitely give it more edge over its competitors.