About Us Page

About Us Page


There is nothing quite like throwing your feet on the couch, ordering up a large pizza and hunkering down with a couple of great friends and plenty of Star Wars games. We are always on the quest for free games to play and on this site we get instant gratification from being exposed to all of the exciting ways to game for free, where we can find games and access them. It is kind of like Christmas in July. Awesomely convenient and an opportune time for us to engage in our favourite weekend pastime; while saving a little money for pizza, ice-cream, soda, cheese puffs… You get the idea.


When we were younger and the weekend rolled around, we always had a free videogames party – and we still do! Hey, someone has got to do it? Only geniuses like us were able to get the Xbox, PlayStations and PCs connected to the network, but it took some intricate calculations and assimilations. Let’s hope our mothers don’t ever find out how much broadband we used. We’re not sure we want to be grounded at this age.


Sometimes we choose to switch between casino games, Xbox, PC and Wii games. Sometimes we also have competitions between ourselves for the last slice of pizza. We would still not want to miss out on an opportunity to play with dragons, gorgons, wizards and robots.


Pivotal to the sustainability of our weekend routine is the importance of the ‘where’? The where is of fundamental importance to the efficacious navigation of how to reach free gaming sites. The detailed information takes us to where we want to get in haste.

What exactly to look for saves us a boatload of searching and leaves time for actually engaging. Straightforward and direct information is of the upmost importance for major league gamers like us. We take no prisoners and hold no quarter.


How to gain access also plays a crucial role in our ability to play free games. There is no point in having information and not knowing how to use it across different devices.

It leaves the other hand free to grab a slice or two of pizza, a soda and a handful of crisps. We don’t mind one iota perusing the site. We have saved lots of money this way but alas, pizza took it back out of our pockets.


Madness you say? We do concur, but there is a method to it. We are just not quite sure what it is as yet.