Where to Find Free Games for Consoles

Where to Find Free Games for Consoles

Unfortunately, there are definitely not as many free games for consoles than there are for PC. Because of the high development cost with traditional consoles, it is not worth it for many developers to create free games for consoles – it is cheaper and much easier to do this for PC. But, this does not mean that excellent free console games cannot be found however.


Use Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus

XboxliveA splendid way to gain access to free games is to properly use your Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus accounts. As long as you are subscribed to the service, which you need to be to play any online game, you gain access to a large amount of free games for either your Xbox or PS3. To do this with Xbox, you should make use of the Xbox Live’s Games With Gold promotion. To do this with PS3, you should make use of the library which is opened to you through the PlayStation plus service.


Another great way to gain free games for your Xbox console is to take part in the Xbox Live Rewards program. This program gifts you rewards for completing different tasks, normally around 100 points at a time. This may not sound like much, but a frequent gamer will quickly accumulate enough points to trade them in for a quality AAA game.



Free-to-play games, a reasonably new phenomenon, has recently reached the consoles. Free-to-play games are, as the title suggests, free to play. However, if you want to purchase extra weapons or move faster through the game, you have the option of buying certain packages that will enhance your gaming experience. These games are becoming more and more widespread, and will become even more common as the next-gen consoles become increasingly common.


Both Xbox and PlayStation say that their latest generation of consoles will be heavily supportive of free-to-play games.


If you own a Wii, as many people do, it should be no problem at all for you to simply crack the system. This enables the Wii to play unauthorized games, games that can be found for free on the Homebrew system. These games are sometimes self-produced titles from small Indie studios, but more often than not they are emulated games for consoles long since passed – such as the GameCube and the Nintendo N64. A cracked Wii with homebrew is so brilliant that it can even play DOS games.